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Some Realtors need more training.

Posted by Peter Karami on August 6, 2012 at 6:05 PM

I was showing property last week to a client of mine. They asked me to go with them and see a house that they would like to consider for purchase with a possibility of making an offer. After I saw the house, they told me that they have seen this house the week before when there was an open-house. The agent who had hosted the open-house offered her service to them, but my client denied her request and said that they already have a broker who will represent them. Yes, that was correct. I was their broker. I have been referred to them by their relative who is a long time friend of mine.

First time, when we have met they wanted me to put up their home for sale in order to buy a bigger size house. So, I did. I advertised their home and thankfully the home went to escrow with multiple offers. Then, they started to look for a desirable house. Back to the house, the house that they showed me was exactly the house they would want to buy from many aspects. They asked my professional opinion which I replied from market point of view the price is very reasonable and obviously the seller is motivated to sell. But, the issue appeared when the seller’s agent contacted me and asked about the offer. This was the same agent who was trying to solicit my client, remember?

I expressed my clients’ interest to purchase the house and asked only one question from her. I asked why this house has been on the market for more then six months and the price reduced over 50 thousands dollars. I still did not complete my sentence that the seller’s realtor started blaming her client for not always allowing her to show the property to prospect buyers and they have not being very cooperative with her. I listened to all her comments and went back to my clients and said this is a good home to buy. However, they were not certain that they want to write an offer. So, I told them it is better if they will take their time to think about this purchase. Because buying a half million dollars property worth the time to think. The seller’s realtor contacted me and asked about the status of my clients’ intention to purchase. I told her that they are still concern about the fact that the house was on the market for a long time especially when their home was sold in less than 30 days in the same market. Thus, they will need time to think about their options. I was talking and explaining the situation, which I realized this real estate lady has no patient to listen to me and before I complete my words she was interrupting me. Al though, I was not offended to see such a maladaptive behavior, I was just sorry to see a seller hired a real estate agent who doesn’t know the real estate 101 concept and then how she would be able to sell their house for the highest price and in a shortest time regardless of real estate market condition.


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