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4 Easy Steps to Customize a Home!

Posted by Peter Karami on February 29, 2016 at 6:25 PM

When customizing a home, the task may seem daunting and expensive. However, filling a home with high-quality, affordable furnishings is easier and simpler than you would think.

It comes down to 4 easy steps:

Create Free Space

First on your list should be maximizing visual space. Homes are often times filled with fancy décor and furniture and to be honest a bit cluttered. The solution to this problem is quite simple. A simple glass end table with an old-fashioned lamp spews a refined, classy persona. These items can frequently be found on sale at department stores and knick-knack shops locally. Simple and unique décor adds a warm feel to any home.

Go Custom

No two houses are exactly the same so one size will not fit all. Decisions have to be made based on room size shape. Additions such as custom rugs in hallways and sitting areas add elegance and offer flexibility. Fabric type, rug size, and pattern can be selected to complement the existing furniture, wall colors and existing decor.

Also, ready to install, handmade cabinetry to your specifications maximizes space. A variety of styles, colors, finishes , woods and hardware can be selected to match your style perfectly.

The components that make up the cabinetry are often top of the line, which means your cabinets will last longer and remain in good shape. This addition adds immensely to resale value as well.

Share Your Stories

Next, it’s time to unbox all the family pictures you’ve stuffed in a dresser drawer for years. Becoming a professional scrapbooker is actually pretty easy! A great way to personalize your home is to select a handful of your favorite family photos, make a quick trip to the mall and have the photos blown up to your preferred size and placed in low-cost frames. Additionally to provide the final, custom touch to any room in the house, pictures of your child at their first baseball game or you and your hubby’s first vacation gives a welcoming feel to your guests.  Frames are easily found at your local Salvation Army or Goodwill and more often than not are very unique!

Get Creative

Finally on the to-do checklist is room authenticity. Nothing says home luxurious and custom more than originality. A simple, genius way to accomplish this feat is a themed room. If you have children then you might have to obtain their permission first but creating a fun, visually appealing themed room is an enjoyable experience.  Let your little ones choose their favorite television character and you have your comforter and pillow cases covered. If painting isn’t your strong suit, removable wall stickers are an excellent choice. A themed room can be decked out, quickly, with three or four life size removable stickers. If you prefer staying in-house to decorate your themed room, a shrine room of family heirlooms is an option. Regardless, when it’s all said and done you have yourself a simply-constructed theme room.

So, instead of dreading that looming home makeover project, follow these 4 easy steps and enjoy!

Written by: Clay Pitsenbarger


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