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Enjoy the Summer and keep your Pets cool

Posted by Peter Karami The Beverly Hills Trusted Realtor on August 8, 2014 at 2:05 PM

I received this from our title rep. Chritine from Chicago Title and I thought, it will be usefull to our website readers.

As the weather kicks it up a notch, the natural tendency can be to get everyone up and out of the house, pets included. While spending more time outdoors can be a great source of exercise and fun for all involved, it's essential to be wary of heat exhaustion in your animals.



Follow these tips for keeping your pet cool this summer:





Keep water in the shade and make sure it is fresh every day. Secure the water dish to avoid an accidental spill. If possible, have fresh "on demand" water available, such as a hose bib waterer. Compare prices: automatic pet water bowls.





A "bath" without soap. Use a garden hose to wet down your dog or use a cool, very wet towel to wet down your dog or cat for evaporative cooling. Once animals figure this out, many enjoy this quick water cool down. Caution is advised for very hot or overheated pets - do not use ice cold water or ice. Use cool water.





For animals that love the water, an inexpensive child's pool or poly rubber water trough make excellent "on demand" swimming pools for pets. Caution is advised - make sure that the pets are able to use the pool without risk of drowning (puppies, children).





Setting up a sprinkler, mister, or drip hose works well for some animals. This keeps the water running and cool, allowing for a fresh water source on demand. Observe your pet to see how they react to a sprinkler or running water though; before assuming everything is fine.





Good grooming is important for your pet's health and comfort. Speak with a groomer or veterinarian to find out what is best for your pet. A full shave may not be the answer, depending on your pet's coat/breed, and caution is advised for white and light-skinned pets getting sunburned.


Made in the shade If your pet must be outside, make sure that shade is available at all times. While home, be sure to check the area your pet is in - as the sun changes, is the shade still readily available?





If hot summer thunderstorms or fireworks are a possibility in your area, is your pet safe? If possible, arrange to have a friend or neighbor check on your pet during extreme weather (heat and storm activity) to make sure that your pet hasn't done anything out of the ordinary due to stress or fear that could risk injury or heat-related problems.



I wish you a happy and safe summer for you and your family!


Thank you dear Christine!

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