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Commonly asked questions:

  1. How much commission do you charge to sell my home?

    If you are a prospective seller and you would like us to advertise, and sell your property, we will negotiate the commission with you. We don't have a set rate for commission. We can assure you that we will try to provide our best service with the commission that you are comfortable to pay.

  2. How much do you charge for real estate consultations?

    We do not charge a fee for the first consultation regarding your property. This service is free of charge. However, we will not be able to discuss any real estate terms with you if you are currently invloved in a transaction with another realtor. We only provide consultations to the prospect clients that are not in agency agreements with another broker.

  3. How long is the term of sale agreement?

    We list your property for not more than three months. We prefer to sell it in one month or less, very simple terms by using CAR (California Association of Realtors) forms and agreements whitout tricky clauses.

  4. What is the property terminology/wording when making a counter-offer to a buyer when the counter-offer is contingent upon the seller finding another home and entering into an agreement to purchase another home?

    A contingency indication of the specific term and conditions.

  5. What is one example of a voluntary lien and an unvoluntary lien?

    Voluntary like a loan that you get to buy a property or cash out from your property. Involuntary means you did not wish to have that lien on your property for instance: Tax liens, Mechanic liens.

  6. In order to obtain an easement by prescription, the claimant must use the property in an open notorious way, in a manner hostile to true owner's title for a period of?

    A period of continuing five years.

  7. How much do you charge if you represent me to buy a property?

    If you are a prospective buyer, we do not charge any fee in order to represent you. Because the seller or the sellers' broker will pay us.

  8. Is it possible to put up the home on the market without placing "for sale" sign in front of our home?

    Yes, We can advertise you home for sale on the multiple listing service and put up for sale without placing a for sale sign in front of your property.

  9. If I ask you to sell my home, will you have an open house?

    Open-house if a totally optional marketing method and we would love to have our licensed real estate agents holding open-house as many as days you wish.

  10. Do you sell commercial properties?

    Yes, we do sell all type of properties in california.

  11. How can you help me to find a home on the market that I like?

    We can provide you a user id and password specificly created for you on the same database that realtors use to search for available homes on the market. Please email us with the cities and criteria that you are looking for a home.

  12. How will you advertise my home for sale if I listed with you?

    First, we take about 50 pictures from your property within 24 hours after you sign the listing agreement. Less than 48 hours, we post the property on the MLS (multiple listing services) for the greater Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area. We will publish QR (quick response code) so every one can see your property on their mobile handset phones. Then, we order a for sale sign that will be place in front of your property (optional for you). We will print flyers and post cards with your property information and distribute them in the area near your property. Our agents will host open house at weekends to show your property to potential home buyers. In many cases, we order ad for your property in the Media (newspaper, radio, TV) but that really depends to your property value and our decision based on the market response.

  13. How can I know how much my home worth before I put it on the market?

    It's simple. Email us and we will make the evaluation for you at no cost and for free. Then, you can make the decision weather sell or rent it. which we can help you for both selling or renting it. Follow this link for the home evaluation request.

  14. What are the steps if I decided to buy my first home?

    Congratulations on your decision buying your first home in. Now that you decided to buy a home, first you need to obtain a loan pre-approval. Thus, we recommend you contact your banker and ask for a pre-approval letter. A pre-approval will enable you to have an opinion of your purchase price affordability and helps us to find the properties that are in accordance with your budget. Also, it will help to the prospect seller that you are a ready, willing, and able buyer.

  15. Buyer or the Seller pay for the home and termite inspections?

    Well, even though the cost for inspections on the purchase agreement is negotiable between the buyer and seller, the buyer must do the inspection and make sure the seller does not have any influence on the report. This does not automatically imply the seller may influence the inspectors. However, it gives the buyer and buyer's broker the comfort that the inspections have been done properly. The seller's Agent usually is present during the inspections.

    The fee for inspection may be paid by the seller, and that does not create a conflict of interest. However, we think it will be more comforting to the buyer or the buyer's broker to choose their preferred inspection company.

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